Arrow vs. Ra’s Al Ghul – Behind the Scenes Stunts

by Damian Fasciani
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The mid season finale of the hit show Arrow concluded with the epic battle of Oliver Queen facing off against Ra’s Al Ghul. The conclusion of the battle was a surprise within itself, but what was more impressive was the quality of the fight. I have this fight down as one of the best action sequences I’ve seen on a television show. Everything from the choreography, stunts, and sheer brutality that was brought to the scene was all first class.

Stephen Amell performed his own stunts (you have to commend him, because doing this stuff isn’t easy). The scene in which the battle was fought was pure, weather was ice cold, conditions tough, with all that bringing a sense of realism to the battle.

Below we have a short clip which takes us through the behind the scenes stunts and how it was all put together. Have fun, and don’t forget to leave your comments on what you thought of the battle.

Stunt Coordinator James Bamford takes you through the fight in the clip below.

If you enjoyed the video above you can see a broader list of other behind the scenes stunts from the show here.

source: youtube 


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