Faran Tahir Joins The Cast Of Supergirl As ‘The Commander’

by Roemello Mckay
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Faran Tahir is well-known for his roles in Iron-Man and Star Trek and now he has joined the cast of the upcoming series, Supergirl. Tahir will be playing the role of The Commander, an alien military expert who is leading the forces against Supergirl. To clarify, he is a military expert who IS an alien

Faran TahirTahir has been identified as a guest as a guest star who will appear during the pilot episode, though it is possible that the role could be recurring. Though going only by the name “The Commander” doesn’t specify if whether Tahir’s character originates from the comics or is an original creation of the television series, as his true identity remains unknown.

There is some speculation surrounding this character, such as what particular alien race he descends from. Depending on whether or not The Commander is a human-like alien, it is possible that he could turn out to be a fellow survivor of Krypton’s destruction. The recent New Krypton story arc in the comic books did have Superman fighting a Kryptonian by the name of Commander Gor.

If this is the case and The Commander is revealed to actually be Commander Gor, Supergirl could have her own Kryptonian nemesis as Superman had in General Zod in Man of Steel. Seeing as how not much information has been given on this character, we will have to wait and see what’s in store for us on CBS’ Supergirl.

Source(s): Comic Book

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