Stephen Amell Wants to Take on Batman

by Julian Bartlett
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A lot of criticism gets thrown at Arrow for having too much in common with Batman mythology. I say DC is a giant universe rich with a vast array of different heroes and villains. Of course stories will overlap after years and years. Most recently Arrow is taking heat for having Ra’s al Ghul be a main villain. To add to the scrutiny now Ollie is wondering, with Ra’s’ advice, if he should take over the League of Assassins.


Stephen Amell is not oblivious to all these different opinions. It is well-known that Amell has a respect for the Batman mythos. At Planet Comic Con Amell also said that if DC has great source material to mine, then Arrow should certainly take the opportunity to use it.

“I understand that there’s a bit of a crossover into the Batman mythos,” Amell said. “But I think that our show has earned the right to do what we think is the most interesting story.”

Stephen Amell let loose another scenario that he would like to happen. When asked which DC hero he would like to fight the most he paused before answering The Dark Knight. This comes as no surprise as the two characters would be most evenly matched hand-to-hand and dollar-to-dollar. Both Green Arrow and Bats have taken on Deathstroke and come out alive. What would happen if an arrow collided with a batarang?


Here is an excerpt from the Stephen Amell panel at Planet Comic Con


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