Arrow Villain Deadbolt Headed To The Flash


Arrow villain Deadbolt, played by Doug Jones, will be racing over to face off against the Scarlet Speedster in The Flash.

It was already known that Doug Jones would be heading to Starling City to face off against a broken Team Arrow. Earlier today, Doug Jones tweeted an image of himself reading a script for The Flash, along with a message revealing which episode he’ll appear in.


doug jones

Jones will make his debut as Deadbolt in the April 8th episode of Arrow, titled, “Broken Arrow,” a meta-human that can control plasma energy. Deadbolt will then race over to Central City for the penultimate episode of The Flash, titled, “Rogue Air.”

You can catch a glimpse of Deadbolt with a deadly grip around Felicity Smoak’s neck in the 2015 PayleyFest Trailer below: