Review: Futures End #43

by Steven Leitman
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Futures End #43

Written by Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens & Keith Giffen

Illustrated by Andy MacDonald

Coloured by Hi-Fi



There are definitely some great things happening in this issue.  With the return of the real Superman and the armoured one having been revealed things are really heating up.  Though while Superman isn’t at his full power and wearing the outfit he first appeared in, see Jeans, T-Shirt and cape, he’s not fully ready to be taking on such a major threat like Brainiac.





Still five in years in the future though and the Earth is constantly plagued by Brother Eye.  This issue also focuses on Red Robin and Plastique and some time spent with Batman and Mister Terrific.  The latter for me as a reader being the more mundane story whereas Tim and Plastique’s adventures are by far more interesting.



With New York cut off from the world placed under a dome by Brainiac, Superman regardless that he hasn’t fully healed is still determined to do what he must.  His conversation with Lois leaves a few gaps that will need to be filled but still leave more room for future storytelling which is what it’s all about.




Moving quickly as this story does, there is a limited amount of space to tell such a sweeping epic such as this, we see Batman and Mister Terrific assessing the damage being done by Brainiac.  I’m not terribly sure why but to me at least it seems that Terrific seems to have been dumbed down more than usual as he’s not behaving as one of the smartest men in the world.  Not that I’m complaining about that since he isn’t among the characters I like still something about this troubles me and foreshadows something bad.



Tim is running around with Plastique and they’ve got the Omac robot version of her following them.   They meet up with Coil and Key and suddenly things get really interesting for me.  I have to admit that the characterization among this group is really extremely well done and makes them even more fun to read.   I also have to say that Plastique being Terry’s girlfriend adds another thing that I find interesting after all with all the time travel and the Omac  version of her came back with him making it all time loopy headachey but in a good way!   Tim’s not really hiding who he is among this group but his brain is as sharp as ever and I am really enjoying his take on what’s happening.


The writing here has been superb with Tim and that group and even with Lois and Clark and it helps keeping things interesting and tells a story about these characters that we’ve not really seen before.  While I have no idea what the long term story is even about there are moments like with Tim and company that make me don’t care about that it’s just fun to read.


Andy’s interior artwork really is something great.  Again his focus on the bearded Tim and Plastique is rockin my world.  Even Superman with his shaggy hair and beard looking kind of hipster is great stuff.  The linework and attention to detail are superbly done and the use of backgrounds, page layouts and facial expressions really go a long way in helping set the tone, feel and mood of what’s happening.  



Aside from the ever other issue being worth reading this issue doesn’t have a lot of negatives to it.



While this is all leading up to another huge event that will eventually wipe out any continuity this was fun read and has excellent characterization and let’s face it, the story is  fun.



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