Review- CATWOMAN #40

by Kate Kane
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Catwoman now finishes what was started as she intended to take down the mob bosses of Gotham once and for all. It’s an all-out war and Selena is caught right in the heat of it all.

6Well that was a lot of writing! Genevieve Valentine hasn’t left any of the story out as she hits readers with an explanation for everything. Finally we get Selena back in her original skin, the Catwoman suit.  It’s good to have the old girl back and honestly I think she looks the best in that leather. I think  the whole story was just building up to this inevitable fact that she can’t let go of that part of her life, even with her doppelganger filling in, Selena needs to accept all of her soul to achieve her true goal.

2Garry Brown and Lee Loughridge continue with the dark theme to the series. The artwork holds up the rough look with a few largely scattered panels of high detail. The Penguin was definitely a stand out of the issue as he reminded me of those old political comics in American newspapers.  It gave him a really sketchy feeling and matched that snobby high society look he falsely portrays.


4This issue had some really sweet moments I just loved. The silent, respectful gestures between Selena and Bruce were one of my favourite moments. No words are needed just a head nod and smile says all the words needed between the two. It really kept in character for them but also that even though they are supposed to be enemies the Batman will always be watching and helping out Catwoman.  I was also so happy to see Selena in the suit. It’s about time this kitty got her claws back and let’s face it, no one fills out that leather like she can.


3Whoa text ahoy! I know a good story has so much to say but in this issue less could have been more. I lost total focus of the artwork and was having to just struggle to read the heavy amount that was crammed into the pages. I also struggled with the fact that some of the panelling was almost identical to the last issue. The moment when Catwoman is with Eiko look almost the same as the kissing panels from the last issue. It killed the effect for me and just felt like a repeat for the sake of repeating it.


Catwoman has verted some bullets for now but not all is over in Gotham and the proud anti-hero knows she still has work to do. Stay tuned to see the cat return to the pages and just what she will do in her old hunting grounds.




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