Review: Sinestro #10

by Steven Leitman
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Sinestro #10

Written by Cullen Bunn

Penciled by Brad Walker

Inked by Andrew Hennessy

Coloured by Jason Wright



I’ve really never been a big Green Lantern fan and even less a fan of Hal Jordan but this series since it started has intrigued me a great deal. I’ve enjoyed watching how complex Sinestro really is and how he hides himself from everyone including his daughter behind the mask he wears. The writing, characterization and aside from the tie-in’s the ongoing story itself of finding the rest of his people who were scattered throughout the universe has made me see him in a new light.


Brad’s pencils with Andrew’s inks and Jason’s colours really continue to keep this a standout series.  Just the imagination and talent required to bring these alien species to life and then the constructs from the rings is mind blowing at times.  Oh and this issue Mongul’s visage is truly terrifying as he’s seen without his helmet and much of his clothing so his scarred and menacing body are on full display.  I mean from one extreme to another in panels isn’t easy to do but Brad’s able to make it look simple.


I have so much admiration for Cullen’s writing and his dialogue between Mongul and Sinestro is some of the best villain on villain stuff around.  I mean two ego or megalomaniacs throwing threats at each other and talking down the way they do while one is strung up waiting to see his corps crushes is seriously good stuff.  Without this level of intensity in the writing and the way it continues to flesh out the characters this series couldn’t be nearly as good as it is.


Sometimes it surprised me that Soranik remains by his side, yes her people are involved but she works closely with the Yellow Lanterns and it strikes me as somewhat odd.  Plus the mending of her relationship with her father is something neither of them expected to happen like it is keeps her sticking around whether or not she’ll admit it.  There’s a simplicity and a complexity to the way Cullen manages to tell the story making the characters motives clear but the reasoning more abstract and yes i’m aware of the contradictions I just used but they are however extremely appropriate.  This is a book that combines the need to read the words and the people separately and intelligently and pay close attention to the artwork which seems to really convey and between the lines thing.


I love that both Mongul and Sinestro have this unflappable arrogance to them that each believes that regardless of the situation they will win.  Mongul with his more straightforward approach and Sinestro through more subtle and sneaky behavior each make for classic villains ready for a showdown.



With the final page and a surprise Yellow Lantern, well to me and Mongul anyway, it seems the stage is set for a final battle for now.



The Positives

Strong writing with great characterization that allows the plot to move forward at it’s own natural pace.  Interesting characters and a wonderful dynamic between them.

 The Negatives

Honestly I don’t think there are any.


Forget the Green Lantern Corps because the good stuff happens in Sinestro’s book!




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