Team-Ups and Gorilla Grodd on The Flash

by Julian Bartlett
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It was extremely disappointing that at 7 o’clock when I turned on The Flash I realized that this week would be a repeat. The Flash presents its last week-long hiatus tonight. This week off-air could prove beneficial for this last batch of Flash episodes. A lot is coming at the end of this freshman season of the widely loved CW series. It was recently released that episode 21 of The Flash will be entitled “Grodd Lives.” Other than seeing Reverse-Flash, Grodd is by far the biggest accomplishment for this creative team. Seeing Grodd that big and that menacing on the small screen is astonishing. With the upcoming episode “All Star Team-Up” it appears we are going to get a look at The Flash and The A.T.O.M. in action together. These last six episodes are going to be a fast and wild ride.


Barry is finally starting to realize that there might be more to Harrison Wells than a helping hand. It seems like just a matter of time before Flash and Reverse-Flash go up against on another again. The next few episodes appear to be not only dominated by Reverse-Flash but it looks like Gorilla Grodd will playing a big part as well. With an episode coming up called “The Trap” I think Wells might be leading Barry into the large grasp of Grodd. The follow-up to “The Trap” will be “Grodd Lives” so I’m thinking one will end with Grodd in Barry’s face and the next will open with Barry in chains.

groddWith this two-man Legion of Doom how can Barry cope with this alone. With the help of some friends from Starling City he won’t have to. After the long two-week wait The Flash will come back with “All Star Team-Up.” We know by the new extended trailer that The A.T.O.M. will be seen soaring through the skies. Also by the way Laurel says a few things it leads me to believe that Black Canary might be added to the mix to throw a few punches around. Check out the trailer below and let us now how excited you are for the team-up.


Don’t miss next weeks new episode of The Flash. “All Star Team-Up” will be on The CW April 14th at 8/7c.

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