Review: Convergence Superman #1

by Max Eber
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Long live Lois and Clark in Convergence Superman #1 by writer Dan Sturges, art by Lee Weeks, color by Brad Anderson and Sal Cipriano on letting. Convergence - Superman (2015) 001-009

Superman and Lois have been stuck in Gotham for little over a year, Clark powerless ever since the dome came down on the city. Acting as a street level vigilante with Lois as his tech back-up, but during patrol the dome disappears and Superman gets his powers back, only to realize they are on another planet and there is danger abound; communities from different worlds pitted against each other. Flashpoint Batman, Captain Thunder, Green Lantern and Cyborg pick a brawl with Superman while Flashpoint Superman seeks out our Lois is alive as opposed to his Lois who died. The alt Justice League wails on Superman as Jimmy Olsen in a flying craft comes to help him, meanwhile Flashpoint Superman finds Lois…who is (btw) pregnant with Clark and her’s first child.


It’s nice to see the pre nu52 Lois and Clark again. Happily married and able to have a family. While I don’t think this is their actual future (rather an additional splinter) it’s still nice to see the classic Superman. Art is compentant, Convergence - Superman (2015) 001-006better during action scenes but Weeks does rather weighty work that suits domestic scenes okay. Coloring is mid-way, I always strive for more stylized palettes and wish DC pushed their colorists to really play with color more. It’s not bad art by the least. So far this has much better art than Convergence: Batgirl. I like Lois being Clark’s back up when he was powerless.


Putting Lois in the damsel in distress role is something that shouldnt really be happening anymore. I get why and I’m curious to see if it will go the grimdark way or will provide a rather touching moment with our Lois trying to get to know the skinny, sickly Flashpoint Superman. Either way that Kal-El is a creep and I’m not excited to see what’s next for the fear of them doing cheap narrative angst.


Surprisingly straightforward. Protect these two to death. They’re too important. DC don’t mess this up.


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