Move aside He-Man, Skeletor has taken Cosplay to another Level

by Damian Fasciani
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DC Comics is the official distributer of He-Man comic books. In the past we have reported on great cosplay stories but this particular story will impress. Our story originates from the team over at geekingorgeous who in early 2015 produced a remarkable cosplay production. The theme of the work was He-Man’s arch nemesis, Skeletor.

I have always found Skeletor an intriguing character by the way in which he is physically portrayed, and his intent to defy everything that He-Man stands for.

In this cosplay you have:

Master Cosplayer
Lee Scion

Body Paint Artist
Aaron Knox

Photographer & Digital Artist
Blake Morrow

Rob Archer

The team provides both brilliant photos of Rob Archer who plays Skeletor, and a video clip that shows some of the behind the scenes work that went into making this cosplay truly great.

If you want to get to know Rob Archer a little better here is an interview with him.

Passion, dedication, and team commitment all come out in the work. Expression in art is the very foundation of how a connection is established between the artist and it’s audience. As a Skeletor fan, I truly appreciated and was blown away by what this team has produced. As a result we thought we would share it with you.


The Skeletor from the Back
A serious pose!
Ready to battle.
On his Throne–2zpE

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