Was Jared Leto’s The Joker Photo Just A Joke?

To celebrate The Joker’s 75th anniversary, director David Ayer released the very first official look at Jared Leto’s The Joker in Suicide Squad, but was it only a cruel, maniacal joke?

Leto’s  look for Clown Prince of Crime was radically different than any look that has appeared on film for The Joker in the past, even though it did pay homages to various looks in the comics. The dramatic changes to the character divided fans.

But could the image have been a cleverly-crafted joke? Somewhere in the DC universe, The Joker is laughing hysterically. Naturally, fans were immediately suspicious of the image, especially after leaked photos from the set didn’t show the tattoos from the image.

Batman V. Superman director Zack Snyder retweeted the photo, along with the message, “Ha ha ha, the joke’s on you Batman… #cryptic #75th.” Snyder’s inclusion of the hashtag “cryptic” had fans speculating the authenticity of the photo.

A new tweet from the official DC Comics Twitter account has more fans speculating that The Joker photo was just Warner Bros. trolling the Internet. In a Q&A with fans, Batman artist Greg Capullo replied to what he thought of the Suicide Squad Joker image.

Capullo tweeted, “It was pretty rad. But, I heard it was just a troll @GregCapullo #BatmanChat.”

Unfortunately, Capullo didn’t elaborate on where he heard it was just a troll.

Regardless, the fact that the tweet appeared on the official DC Comics Twitter has fans speculating that the first official Joker photo could have been a joke. What do you think? Was it real or was it a fake?

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