Review: Convergence Superman #2

Oh baby it’s Convergence Superman #2, written by Dan Jurgens, art by Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund on inks, Tom Napolitano on lettering and Brad Anderson on color.
FlashConvergence - Superman (2015) 002-003point Kal-El has kidnapped Lois, and shes close to delivery of her and Clark’s baby. We last left Flashpoint Captain Thunder, Cyborg, and Abin Sur attacking Superman with intent to end things. Jimmy Olsen in a flying car helps Superman out. They’re able to escape and Superman is able to go back to their apartment where Abin Sur, now sympathetic and understanding neither are a threat to each other helps him learn about their world and people and also help reach Flashpoint Kal-El’s location; Thomas Wayne Batman! That Kal-El is less of a crazed kidnapper than previously thought, he brought Lois there to be safe. Superman arrives and Lois goes into labor and Thomas Wayne Batman, who has been observing this entire ideal, offers his medical supplies. Lois has a son and her and Clark bask in new parenthood.
Lois and Clark having children is perhaps one of the most anticipated or wished things foConvergence - Superman (2015) 002-011r many people. Wanting them happy is always paramount. Its nice to see that they get this there, albeit in Thomas Wayne Batman’s bat-cave. Less than ideal. But touching.
Artwork is fair, jaunty to borderline. I like their faces at times and not so much at others. Such is Sturges. It is nice seeing red “underwear” Clark again in his classic costume and looking ever so slightly older and polished, which noted, is not a negative. Writing is middle of the run. It’s all pretty standard fare and it is rather self indulgent given Lois’ pregnancy. But after Convergence Shazam a lot of people’s art really has to work in order to take the prize for best part of the event, because Doc Shaner is leaving everyone else in his dust.
Far less insidious than the last issue suggested it was going to be and just like Bruce, Bat!Thomas is Convergence - Superman (2015) 002-018at his core a sentimental and soft man. It’s all obviously surreal and the labor scene is both touching but a bit bizarre but in all a strangely cute affair.