The Flash – ‘Endgame’ Promo is here!

by Damian Fasciani
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The CW hit show, The Flash is heating up and the last four episodes are going to turn the heat up! We are now on the home stretch with season 1 and to give fans a taste of whats to come a new promo called, ‘Endgame’ has been released.

Flash vs Reverse Flash

Off the back of episode 21 Barry Allen is up against the odds, he needs to find Dr Wells and put an end to his crusade. In saying that, Dr Allen is not a typical meta-human that Barry has come against before. Dr Wells is highly intelligent and is always a few steps ahead. The Flash is going to need all the help he can get to set things right and the promo trailer ‘Endgame’ gives us a sneak peek of the wild ride that’s to come.

Make sure you tune into the CW Network to watch The Flash

Enjoy Flash fans!

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