Arsenal and Red Hood’s New Looks Post-Convergence

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Fellow former sidekicks and current outlaws Arsenal and Red Hood will sport all-new attires post-Convergence.

arsenalKicking off with Red Hood/Arsenal #1 in June, former teenage super heroes Red Hood and Arsenal will sport new looks. Dealing with the aftermath of Convergence, the anti-heroes are back minus Starfire who is starring in her own solo series.

Just as his namesake, Arsenal’s New 52 outfit included a plethora of weapons that in the real world would actually affect his performance during battle. His New 52 suit sported a quiver full of arrows, a rifle, an alien gun?, a Katana, a chestbelt including a dozen bullets, a missile launcher and more. Clearly having that weight on you while fighting is not healthy, at all. Thankfully his new attire post-Convergence is a more standardized suit of armor, with a fresh design, with no shortage of red and a more dynamic look.

red hoodThat said, Red Hood’s outfit post-Convergence does not look battle-worthy. He is sporting a jacket with a hood, that he will use over his helmet/hood, resulting in a hood-ception. Jokes aside he is trading his black armored suit for some sort of militarized pants, a brown jacket and Batman-like gauntlets which are cool enough to shadow the rest of his not-so-cool suit. Also, is it me or the bat logo on Red Hood’s chest is almost the same as the symbol used by Affleck’s Batman?

Either way, seeing some new suits for our heroes is good enough in its own right.

Red Hood and Arsenal

What do you think of the outlaws’ new look?

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