Romantic Vibes on CW’s The Flash

by Jeff Mongold
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Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon in CW’s The Flash, is putting out the vibe. In an interview with, Valdes said he hopes for romance in season two of the hit show. In the show, Cisco Ramon is the Flash’s sidekick and technical support in S.T.A.R. labs.  The character found himself in several awkward romantic situations on season one, and Valdes hopes that continues: “Those are really fun to play, because they’re an added dimension in his trajectory of growth. If he learns more about his romantic side, I think that’d be really fun to see.”



Valdes goes on to tease a bit of Cisco Ramon’s future.  In DC Comics, the Cisco Ramon character is also known as the super hero and Justice League of America member, Vibe. Vibe possess sonic powers that enable him to create powerful shock waves. Through these waves, Vibe is able to disrupt the Speed Force, from which the Flash derives his abilities.  Regarding Vibe, Valdes promises that fans will learn more about the Vibe mythology in next Tuesday’s season finale of The Flash.

CW’s The Flash season one hit the ground running and never looked back, in large part due to an excellent supporting cast.  The show is the most watched series the network has, and its premiere was the highest rated episode in CW’s history.  Tuesday’s finale, “Fast Enough,” will conclude first season, and promises to be a thrill ride for fans.


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