by Kate Kane
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Injustice takes a desperate turn as Renee Montoya admits her feelings and takes up the solo fight against Superman. The mortal now turned superhuman, she is the only one willing to end the outrageous dictatorship of Superman’s reign.

11334349_876439802429877_425255274_nJesus my heart strings. Brian Buccellato has tugged at the sorrowful reactions of the human heart in this issue. I had always thought that Renee and Maggie Sawyer had something between them and finally I got the confirmation. With Renee pouring out her heart to her long life crush, she takes the dangerous risk and wants to end everything that Superman has created. It’s a bold move but one that could only be made by someone with a bold heart. Renee has been a pivotal part of the DC universe as the lynch pin for most stories and once again she assumes her role as such a powerful ultimate force.

11304558_876439792429878_1541706237_nMike. S Miller and J. Nanjan made my heart stand still in this issue. With human emotions pouring out of every page, my hands were not flipping the pages fast enough. So many colours from both the Superman and Harley side but I also absolutely adored the green hues that surrounded Renee from the super pills. It was a wonderful touch and brought back the fact that yes; she has taken way too many of the pills.


11301475_876311599109364_458356508_nMaggie and Renee, dear god I didn’t see that coming. After having the ground breaking reveal that Kate and Renee had been married, it was a shock to see that she had been harbouring feeling for her old captain this whole time. In the moments of death looming, she called her to say goodbye. I know the drink makes one’s mind cloudy but is never thought that she would release herself into a stage of uncontrollable emotions. I must commend Mr Miller on his incredible job on this week’s artwork. The first front scene with Renee’s emotional breakdown was nothing but sheer expressive skill to demonstrate such a heart-breaking moment. Also the gig with Harley posing as Billy’s mother was priceless but her stealing Lobo’s Harley was pure excellence.


11304429_876439805763210_1718482177_nA few small points were the faces pulled by some of the characters. Though the over dramatic emphasis needs to be displayed some of the expression had me wondering if it was a little too much. Also the panel of Superman defending his friends felt a little cheesy but I guess that’s always been a part of Superman’s character as well.


Injustice is about to have a fight to the death, or at least we hope not, as Renee takes on the big man himself. Can she defeat Superman when so many others have failed? Stay tuned to see who is the victor and if Superman’s team will claim yet another life.




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