Review: Convergence Batman And The Outsiders #2

by Max Eber
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Enter Omac in Convergence: Batman And The Outsiders #2 written by Mark Andreyko, art by Carlos D’Anda, colors by Gabe Eltaeb, and lettering by Steve Vands.

Omac attacks; Buddy Blank piloted by the Ghibiliesque Godmother attacks the Outsiders with a hoard of mutants (?) and it’s up to them to put to an end to it all. The team has been caught off-guard, with only Geo-Force more or less at the ready. Black Lighting was still getting used to his Convergence - Batman and the Outsiders (2015) 002-010powers being returned; Halo just joke woken up from a coma (and exploding the hospital, briefly knocking Katana out) and Metamorpho having returned back to his elemental form whilst in a shower with his girlfriend, Sapphire. They manage to regroup and try to repel the mutants attacking alongside Omac. Batman puts a collar around Omac and the Outsiders team up using their respective powers to take out Godmother and subdue Omac. They do and unfortunately, his world loses. Brother Eye returns and is reunited with Buddy as they disappear.


This is probably one of the more successful Convergence books in multiple cases. TConvergence - Batman and the Outsiders (2015) 002-003he end wasn’t completely anti-climactic, and utilized the team rather fully (barring Katana who isn’t given a terrible amount of page space). There’s some stiff poses here and there but the art is cartoony and the coloring snappy enough to put it higher than some of the other art on these titles. For those that like beefcake there’s a handful of nude Buddy Blank floating in the spacial ether too. Batman isn’t overpowered here either and the team effort again is nice.


We’re shown Katana sorta pummeled by rubble and groaning but then we see her a few pages later up and ready to attack so the disconnect in the script was a bit odd, particularly from Mark Andreyko. Halo has some odd poses and boob treatment on a few pages which at this point is just tiring and I like the art otherwise so that was a disappointment.


This is one of the better Convergence two parters, it’s flashy enough or perhaps solid enough art-wise to set it apart from some of the more slapdash issues. Convergence Batman And The Outsiders #2 is nothing stellar but it’s also a lot better and it’s cool to see the Outsiders in any capacity after Batman Incorporated.


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