Hal Jordan is an Intergalactic Renegade in Green Lantern #41 Post-Convergence Sneak Peek

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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DC Comics has released an 8-page preview of Hal Jordan’s new adventures as an intergalactic fugitive in Green Lantern #41.

Robert Venditti continues giving the Green Lantern mythos the twists and turns it deserves, this time pitting our beloved hero as a fugitive of the universe’s authorities, including his former Green Lantern corps.

Solicit Synopsis

On the run, RENEGADE Hal Jordan is confronted by both sides of the law at a galactic outpost. Beware his new power gauntlet, and watch out for his new partner!

Take a look at the preview below.

green lantern

green lantern GL-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-3-2048-5549538c505c54-12930973-e7a0c GL-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-4-2048-554953bde6fa54-43510284-5cc13 GL-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-5-2048-55495405cbd4b2-64194062-f8aca GL-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-6-2048-5549543ce12984-88155701-3d4aa GL-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-7-2048-55495497b8f3f9-90858565-293fd GL-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-8-2048-5549551f4ce5b1-73561622-b3680 GL-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-9-2048-554955a037bb66-29389210-f0cf5

What do you think of Hal’s new look post-Convergence? Is he hiding from the authorities correctly? I mean, he is glowing like a freaking green giant lantern, that does not go unnoticed. Not. At. All.

The ”Renegade” story arc launches with Green Lantern #41 in June and don’t miss the rest of the previews for the returning and all-new series post-Convergence:

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