What to Look Forward to on The Flash

by Julian Bartlett
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I don’t think I’m being bias when I say that the first season of The Flash was not only the best superhero show on TV this season, but the best show in general. Full of fast paced action, deep emotion, and the always necessary comic relief this show had it all. It takes a little time to get into character and all the people involved shined in the final few episodes. A few scenes in particular let Grant Gustin show off his acting chops as Barry Allen. The season has also featured many of The Flash’s most recognizable villains. Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, and Reverse-Flash are the first, and biggest, three that come to mind. This freshman season of The Flash was executed, in my opinion, almost flawlessly. This leaves the question, how can they top this amazing first season?

teamupIn season two of The Flash Barry Allen will start to become the more cocky and confident speedster we all know from the pages of DC Comics. Understandably, Barry had a lot on his plate in the latter half of the season. From the twist with Reverse-Flash to actually having to help Wells by running back in time it is easy to see why Barry got a little more angsty than usual. Star Grant Gustin is ready to have Barry back to joking around and having fun with his powers.

Another big part of season two will be the utilization of the Multiverse. Gustin already mentioned something about dealing with different universes in the near future. It was confirmed without a doubt in the finale episode when Barry bursts back into the correct time. As Wells/Thawne is trying to recuperate a shining, Hermes-style helmet flies through the portal. Other than Grodd, this is the biggest “nerd-out” moment I had. For those of you who don’t know the helmet belongs to Jay Garrick. Garrick is the original Flash who resides on Earth-2.


What is better than one speedster? If you said “two speedsters” you’d be correct. Show EP Andrew Kreisberg mentioned to THR that “a few more speedsters” would be coming Central City. Without much elaboration fellow EP Greg Berlanti stated that Flash Family members such as Wally West or Bart Allen could be appearing on the show sooner than later.

With so much happening in the world of The Flash how could I ask for anymore. Still yet, the creative team surrounding The Flash hope to bring even more villain power to the following season. Kreisberg has said that season two will bring “a bunch more villains.” He also said that they’re hoping to bring in Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy. With Barry seeing a glimpse of Killer Frost in his journey through time this could be another option.

TheFlash_2_1600In any case I am extremely excited to start season two. I don’t even mind the reruns of season one on Tuesdays. This will be a long summer wait but after it is over The CW will be bringing a lot to the table. Season four of Arrow, season two of The Flash, and the show that is getting a lot of attention right now, Legends of Tomorrow. This DC takeover has been doing better than even DC thought it would do. The team of Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Kreisberg are perfect together and they prove it week in and week out. So what do you guys and gals want to see in the future on The Flash? Any villains or story arcs you’d like to see played out? Blast the comment section below!!

If you haven’t started or need to catch up on The Flash, I suggest you do it now.

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