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by Jeff Mongold
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DC After Dark: Romance, Sex, and Drama in Superman/Wonder Woman #18

“Does sex have to be in every single thing?” a fan questioned in Newsarama’s preview of Superman/Wonder Woman #18, on sale June 17th, The book, part of the new “Truth” storyline, gives us a very intimate look at DC’s power couple. Diana, wearing only a Superman T shirt, holds and looks over Clark as he sleeps.

The scene is very humanizing and follows along with what the book is trying to do. In an article by Jill Pantozzi, illustrator Tony Daniel spoke to the inception for the title:

“It’s the perfect combination of what I wanted to do. They’re two of my favorite characters and I wanted to do Superman for a long time and I really wanted a much longer run than I had on Action. I just lover Superman, Metropolis, you know, Lois Lane, his whole world. It’s funny, because in Chicago I was talking to Bobbie Chaseand Bob Harras about making a book, I wasn’t referring to creating this book, but I mentioned maybe, can we create a book that targets a little bit more of the female readership that’s been growing. And maybe a book that has a little bit of romance in it, a little big of sex appeal, you know, something that would, for lack of a better example, that hits on the Twilight audience. You know, millions of people went to see those in the theaters because it has those kind of, you know, subject matter. The drama, the characterization with love triangles and forbidden love and things like that. Literally a month later they asked me, “Hey, what do you think of Superman/Wonder Woman?” And I think it took all of maybe three seconds for me to say, “Yeah, that’s great. Let’s do that.” Because that’s exactly what I was describing that we need.”


Not all fans are pleased with this relationship. In comments, one fan wrote “Enough of these two as a couple already! Crappy idea from the beginning…Still is Just break them up please…tired of this boring duo.” Another fan voiced concern about the sexual aspect of the upcoming issue: “Does sex have to be in every single thing?” Of course no sex scenes where actually shown in the preview, just a couple resting in bed together. It could be any couple in a relationship, and that is probably the point.

The preview suggests that Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship will be tested in the June issue. Superman/Wonder Woman #18 was written by Peter J. Tomasi, with art  by Doug Mahnke and others, and cover by Paulo Siqueira.

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