The third Sunday of June is the national observance of Father’s Day in about 80 countries, including the United States. We here at DCN wanted to pay tribute to some of the dads in the world (or worlds) DC Comics. And while we can’t salute all of them, we wanted to focus on our picks for the 5 worst and the 5 best.

The Worst

5. Lex Luthor
Depending on what version of Lex Luthor you use, it won’t take the skills of Batman to locate Lex’s offspring or their issues. And as one could imagine, being an heir to the Lex comes at a cost. Whether you’re a clone created from Lex’s and Superman’s DNA like Superboy/Connor Kent, or a deformed child hidden by your father as Lex Jr. was on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, no child wants to acknowledge this titan of industry on career day.



batman-and-robin-new-52-batman-damian4. Batman
Even before Talia drugged and seduced Bruce to create Damian Wayne; Bruce has served as a surrogate and adoptive father for quite some time. Let’s not forget that fact that he should have a case file as long as the Batmobile at Child Protective Services for endangering young wards. And 2 of these children have died on his watch (even though they were brought back to life).




Deathstroke3. Deathstroke
Slade Wilson will not win a “Father of the Year” title anytime soon. His first son, Grant, tried to emulate the serum that gave Slade his powers. Unfortunately, the concoction rejected his body, eventually destroying him. Jospeh Wilson/Jericho became mute when one of Slade’s enemies slit his throat. Perhaps the most tragic of his offspring was Rose. Slade killed her adoptive family, then turned her into a mercenary by inducing her with a serum which drove her insane, and caused Rose to gouge her own eye out.



RasAlGhul2. Ra’s al Ghul
Soccer Parent gone wrong? Perhaps. When your parent’s name translates to “The Demon’s Head”, you may want to seek emancipation. He has high aspirations for his male heirs, but not so much for his female children. His chauvinistic tendencies usually result in him trying to marry off a daughter. This in hopes that a successor could ascend to leading the League of Assassins in the event of his death. Come join us in the 21st Century, Ra’s!




1. Darkseid
The title of Worst Dad in the DC Universe would have to go to the ruler of Apokolips. In Darkseid’s world, it’s all about the Anti-Life Equation. And he will solve the equation at the expense of any being, including his own children. He sees his first child, Kalibak, as a pawn to serve him as he sees fit. And in order to stop a destructive war with rival New Genesis, Darkseid trades his second born child, Orion, with Highfather’s child Scott Free (later known as Mister Miracle).




The Best

Thomas-Wayne5. Thomas Wayne
As a parent, we always say we will protect our children. Thomas Wayne let his actions speak for him. He gave his own life trying to protect his family in Crime Alley. This event would be the catalyst to turn his son Bruce into Batman.





Silas-Stone4. Silas Stone
What would you do to save your child? Would you implant the remains of their body with mechanical parts? That was the hard choice Dr. Silas Stone had to make to save his son Victor. Victor would later be known as Cyborg.






3. Jim Gordon
Gotham P.D.’s top cop is the hard on his force. But he has a soft spot for his daughter, Barbara Gordon. When Gordon’s wife passed, it was just the two of them to look after and care for each other. A doting dad, Gordon would probably bust a blood vessel if he knew his daughter was the crimefighter known as Batgirl.




Jor-El2. Jor-El
As with Thomas Wayne, Jor-El sacrificed everything to make a better life for his son. He could have sent baby Kal-El to any planet. But chose Earth for his birth child to flourish and grow.






Jonathan-Kent1. Jonathan Kent
One could only imagine what kind of being young Kal-El would grow up to become, had his spacecraft not landed in Smallville; or if another couple found him besides Jonathan and Martha Kent. Jonathan could have turned the alien and spacecraft over to Area 51. But instead, he raised the child as his own, and instilled values of right and wrong that he learned while growing up.




So, do you agree or disagree with our picks for best and worst dads in the DC Universe? Please leave your comments below.

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