New DC Miniseries coming Early 2016

by Brandon Richardson
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Has anyone else noticed that DC has kind of pushed some of their better supporting characters off to the sides recently? I mean yes they did the Gotham City Sirens but other than that I can’t really recall any that gave the supporting characters the spot light they deserve. So DC has noticed this and has come up with a brilliant idea to have a set of eight miniseries that help give the spotlight to those supporting characters in a six issue series. This is not going to just be to give them some deserved spot light but also is used to help position them for future comic releases in the future with DC. Now it may seem odd that they are doing it this way, but when I stopped and thought about it I have to say that it is pretty brilliant. And in an interview Bob Harras, DC’s editor in chief and senior vice president for editorial said,

By bringing them on to their own special limited series, we’re really spotlighting what’s so fantastic about these characters…see a lot of this feeding into that core sensibility of superhero storytelling.

So who can we expect to see get this spotlight revival? It is looking like it will be Swamp Thing, Metal Man, Raven, Katana, and Firestorm. All with their respective writers so as to help breathe life back into them and pave the way for future writers to take over with a better idea as to who the characters are. The writers or co-writers for them are Swamp Thing and Metal Man by Len Wein, Raven is being done by Marv Wolfman, Mike Barr takes up Katana, and Gerry Conway takes on Firestorm. All of this is super exciting, even if you are not a big fan it still means that these five get some attention and makes me wonder what they will do to bring them up to date with the new DC Universe.

Now if the math is done correctly I have only really said five of the eight miniseries. So who are the other three? Well they are Poison Ivy being renditioned by Amy Chu, Metamorpho done by Aaron Lopresti, and finally the not so kid duo Sugar Plumm and Spike being updated with caution because DC feels that having them no longer be kids means that they could have a chance to grow and be tried against this new Universe that DC is creating. Diddo said something in that same interview that helps explain part of the reason for this eight character miniseries which is,

This is about character but there is a complete story in every one of those miniseries…it has a beginning, middle and end, and something that affects the course of that character that we would be able to launch and take further if things are successful.


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