SDCC: Armored Batsuit & Gadgets Now on Show

by Damian Fasciani
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San Diego Comic Con has kicked off and while we are still making our way to the event, we wanted to share some new photos that have emerged of the armored Batsuit that Ben Affleck will wear to take on Superman. If you are making your way to Comic Con this year, make sure you check out the DC booths. They will have all the latest and greatest information on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, including merchandise and anything related to the 2016 epic! What you will also see is a shot taken of the tools and gadgets that the Dark Knight will have at his disposal in the film.

As you may or may not know, Bruce Wane (Ben Affleck) will have two suits he will wear. The armored Batsuit that you see below, and then his usual suit. We got to see both in the full length trailer.

Look out Superman
Armored Batman
The Bat Gadgets. Photo courtesy of Superman VS Batman FB Fan Page
Ready for a Fight!


Enjoy DC Fans.


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