DC Collectibles Reveals New Lineup at Comic-Con 2015

DC Collectibles has unveiled a huge load of new collectible toys that were debuted at Comic-Con International: San Diego this week. This will be the lineup for the rest of 2015, with new figures from their Icons line, the already debuted Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice statues, Batman: The Animated Series redux line, the designer line featuring Darwyn Cooke, Lee Bermejo, and Greg Capullo, plus figures from their CW television universe line featuring Arrow and The Flash and some new toys to tie-in with Batman: Arkham Knight.

You can check out the full gallery of new toys below and pick out which one you want:




dcicons-firestorm-af-143277dcdesigner-capullo-ww-af-143276dc-designer-bermejo-4-lex-af-143270dc-designer-cooke-4-adamstrange-af-143274dc-designer-cooke-2-supergirl-af-143272dcdesigner-capullo-joker-af-143275dc-designer-bermejo-1-batman-af-143267bvs-doj-superman-statue-143266bvs-doj-batman-statue-143265bmvsm-batman-armored-statue-143264bm-animated-26-etriganklarion-af-559b636ec3683869146984-143262bm-animated-25-animated-af-559b6307c567a747722089-143261bm-animated-24-ras-af-559b62cf6b5a1830112954-143260bm-animated-23-gordon-af-559b624aad5dd829123066-143259bm-ak-manbat-af-559b65ce84ec0608583575-143258bm-ak-azrael-af-559b6564b52e4549990035-143257arrow-tv-12-merlyn-af-559b670e637a4010674395-143256It goes without saying that all of these toys are amazing in every way. Could a fan ask for more? Of course they could and they will receive. The icing on this cake is perhaps this hilarious, nostalgia inducing commercial advertising the Batman: The Animated Series line of toys.


Source(s): Comic Book, DC Comics