DC Entertainment announces multi title event “Robin War” at  San Diego Comic Con International!

DC Entertainment announced the event “Robin War” today at SDCC International. The event will cross over into Robin: Son of Batman, Grayson, Gotham Academy and We Are Robin. The five week event will kick off in December and have two one-shot book ends by Grayson writer Tom King.


Mark Doyle group editor of the Batman line of titles had this to say:

We can’t talk too much about the story right now but I can say that basically if you’re reading any of the books, Damian is not in Gotham right now, He has no idea that the Robin movement (from We Are Robin) is happening in Gotham. But he’s going to find out and when he does, he’s not happy. so that’s sort of the catalyst for Robin War.

Grayson and Omega Men writer Tom King wanted to make clear:

 This is an event, it’s a crossover, it’s huge, it’s wonderful. I grew up on Inferno, I grew up on X-Tinction Agenda. I loved those kinds of story, I loved how big they were, I loved the risks they took, I loved the way it could change the universe in one month. I want to do that!

King went on to say:

To me, the concept of Robin…..so many characters in comics are about stasis and Robin is about evolution, That’s what makes him this distinct character that everyone can relate to. That’s what that ideal represents, is who you were, who you can be and who you are today.

Artist Lee Bermejo said:

This is a reason there’s a DC Universe, These characters exist together. Kind of the interesting thing to me about doing something like this is when you intro a bunch of new characters who are taking on the Robin mantle, you know you have to have those characters at some point interact with an official Robin. So I look at it like a bunch of JV players trying to get on the varsity team and I think that’s going to be a fun concept to play around with.

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Source: Comicbook.com

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