Sugar and Spike Revamped

by Brandon Richardson
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So as in the article posted earlier this week, we know that DC has 8 new miniseries coming out early 2016 and DC has just released some sneak peaks at Sugar and Spike. So Sugar and Spike have all grown up to become detectives and in their new series Dan Dido has stated that,

 Someone is blackmailing the worlds greatest superheroes with embarrassing secrets from their past, and it’s up to the only people every hero trusts, detectives Sugar and Spike, to find the culprit before these secrets are revealed.

And as a little sign of either alternate timeline or artistic goof, as shown on Dan’s Facebook page there is an illustration that shows the duo Sugar and Spike with the iconic Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman – hiding in the photo on the wall, you can see that Superman has reverted back to the underwear outside of his suit look. And with Newsarama getting a quote from the famous Neil Gaiman saying

…that he feels that it is, ‘the most charming thing’ he’d ever seen in comic books, but Didio’s description of this new iteration looks to dramatically revamp the concept.

This means that one, it will have some amazing stories as well as illustrations that will push some of the boundaries of comic book detectives. Which has me feel that this could be a wonderful homage to the Detective Comics history and bring it back to the store shelves the detective work that inspired this amazing company. And two, that we as fans will have an amazing ride with this series as it and the new DC Universe takes off into the future.

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