Watch the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 footage of the Arrow & Flash TV Panels

by Damian Fasciani
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San Diego Comic Con this year brought a great host of panels. Both in film, TV, Animated pictures, and more. The famous Hall H schedule didn’t disappoint with DC and Warner Brothers bringing out the big guns! The Saturday night we attended the Warner Brothers DC TV panels in which representation was present from shows, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, and Supergirl.

Each of the panels consisted of a celebrity host who would bring out the directors and producers of each show including the stars and main cast. Each panel discussed what is to come in each show’s respective up coming season, exclusive announcements on stories, characters, including the occasional laugh and joke!

Below is a selection of some of the exclusive footage we took at the panels that is also available via our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment below.

Ian Somerhalder Opens the Warner Bros DC TV Panel at Comic-Con 2015


Stephen Amell arrives on stage at Comic-Con 2015 in his new Green Arrow costume 


The Arrow cast is introduced on stage at Comic-Con 2015 for the Warner Bros DC TV Panel 


Stephen Amell talks about his new Green Arrow costume 


The Arrow cast talk about Season 4 at Comic-Con 2015 


Andy Diggle gets a costume in Season 4 of Arrow. Announced at Comic-Con 2015 

The cast of The Flash is introduced on stage at Comic-Con 2015  

Grant Gustin talks about Season 2 of The Flash at Comic-Con 2015

Tom Cavanagh talks about The Flash at Comic-Con 2015 


Brandon Routh & Caty Lotz talk about DC Legends of Tomorrow at Comic-Con 2015 


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