The Cast of Arrow Talks Upcoming Season

by Julian Bartlett
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With season four of Arrow getting closer each week people are clamouring for a bit of news. What’s coming and how many new faces will there be in Starling. DC All Access caught up with the cast to talk a little bit about what is in store for fans this season. Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, and Marc Guggenheim all took time out of their days to express how excited they are for the return of Arrow.


We already know that Anarky, Mr. Terrific, and Damien Darhk will be making their debuts this year on Arrow. Of course Diggle will be getting suited up and Thea will officially take the title as Speedy. No one was more excited than Willa Holland to finally dawn the costume.

“It’s the greatest thing ever, honestly. It was like a childhood dream for me come true. The first time I put on the costume I cried. I was so happy.”

With Ollie and Felicity driving off into the sunset at the end of season three who will assume the lead role of Team Arrow? When asked about taking over as head of Team Arrow David Ramsey has a few thoughts worth sharing.

“For a time, yes, I will be the leader. At the beginning of season four you will see a well oiled Team Arrow without the Arrow. We will be requiring, obviously, Arrow’s help very, very soon. We will be facing a major villain this season. Actually, many villains.”

Also a laid back Stephen Amell talked briefly about how Ollie is feeling coming into the new season.

“Oliver feels great. He doesn’t need to go back. He’s relaxed, at peace, happy, and easy-going.”

Finally Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim gave his thoughts on how Damien Darhk would fit into this season.

“He fits in huge, he’s gonna be our big bad of the year. He is a different kind of villain than we’ve seen in this show before. He’s got a malevolence about him that previous villains haven’t had. Damien doesn’t care about the reasons. He only cares about his agenda.”

It sounds like everybody on board for Arrow this season is excited. I know I am. Ollie becoming Green Arrow, Joker’s son, and H.I.V.E. all give the impression of a great season. Check out the full DC All Access below.


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