Stephen Amell on Green Arrow Goatee

by Jamie Robinson
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Upon speculation as to whether Stephen Amell would grow Oliver Queen’s famous goatee for the next season of Arrow, Amell quickly shut down these theories with an emphatic “no.”
Hours after he had made that statement, Amell posted a comic book Green Arrow image on his Twitter and said that if Arrow makes it to season six, he will show up with a goatee. He added that the producers would probably immediately make him shave it, though.

Amell went on to say how comic book superheroes don’t always look exactly the same when transitioning to the screen, using Henry Cavill’s Superman as an example. He further said that he briefly grew a goatee during season two hiatus of Arrow, but he wound up looking more like one of the criminals the Arrow fights than the superhero himself.

Would you want to see Stephen Amell as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen with a goatee or do think he looks better without one?  Let us know in the comments.

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