‘The Killing Joke’ tops July Bestsellers.

by Wes Whitfield
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DC Comics dominated the market last month, taking up almost half of the places on the July 2015 Nielsen Bookscan Top 20 Graphic Novels.

The Top 20 bestselling Adult Graphic Novels chart for July, compiled and published by the Nielsen Bookscan, has been recently released. Eight of the twenty places were taken by DC Comics titles.

In the number one place was Alan Moore’s classic The Killing Joke. The graphic novel jumped to the top spot from ninth place in June, perhaps because of the early July announcement of a new animated movie based on the graphic novel.

Overall Batman-related titles made up the majority of DC’s best sellers. In particular classic Batman stories were, unsurprisingly, popular. Making an appearance alongside The Killing Joke were Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, and Batman: Year One. However, Alan Moore made the list a second time with a non-Batman title, coming in at number 14 with The Watchmen.

Also on the list was the newly released Batgirl Vol.1: The Batgirl of Burnside, which just scrapped in at number 20, and Suicide Squad Vol.1.


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