In issue #43 of Batman we will get to see Batman’s newest villain Mr.Bloom. And after the change of Commissioner Gordan to the new Batman the writer Scott Snyder and his trusty artist Greg Capullo are now creating this new fiend for Batman to face off to which he calls himself Mr. Bloom. This villain is lanky and a possibly sinister enough to have Poison Ivy’s interest peaked. What is his superpower you ask? Well how do you feel about him being capable of giving others superpowers? Yeah, that’s right we might see a super fast Scarecrow running his toxins around town or an impervious Clayface! The possibilities are virtually endless. Despite this power and ability of Mr. Bloom one thing I won’t do is underestimate the possibility of him giving Batman a superpower that does him harm. What do you think about this new villain? Do you see this being a new staple villain or a sub-par villain?

This comic comes out tomorrow! August 12,2015


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