“Vixen” claws onto The CW Seed!

by JC Alvarez
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Created by comics legend Gerry Conway, Vixen was introduced in 1981 in Action Comics #521and as outlandishly attired as she was the animally-charged Mari McCabe quickly blended into the background until she accepted a full-time gig as a member of Aquaman’s all-new, all-different Justice League of America. Wisely redesigned with her mystic Tantu Totem the super-model turned crimefighter, begun to hedge her way into the mainstream of the DC Universe.

A new animated adventure set in the worlds of The CW’s Arrow and The Flash is premiering on the The CW Seed and is promising to put Vixen front and center, in the spotlight – leading the charge as one of the dynamic duos super-powered allies. Besides being fully-animated, Vixen will be introducing and elaborating on a fresh dynamic in the world of The CW’s televised DCU and that’s Mari’s control over the mystical energies that give her the powers of any animal on the planet.

“She’s a frustrated student with identity issues,” revealed James Tucker, Vixen Producer and Director. “She doesn’t know where she belongs — or quite in the place that she’s supposed to be.” The series will slingshot fans right into the middle of the action, and will feature the voice talents of Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin, who will also appear as their television counterparts. There will be other cast members from Arrow and The Flash crossing over into Vixen.

When we meet McCabe she’s actually squaring off against our heroes, and firmly holding her own. Marc Guggenheim, the show’s Executive Producer and Story Editor is thrilled by the added challenge of bringing Vixen to life for audiences. “It’s a lot of fun for us — we’re creating a fourth show — and also a character who’s powers are based in mysticism,” he revealed. The decision to pursue Vixen as an animated adventure has given the show creators an opportunity to raise the stakes.

Mari McCabe has powers that make her a match for The Flash and Arrow who a prowling after the reluctant crime-fighter.

Mari McCabe has powers that make her a match for The Flash and Arrow who a prowling after the reluctant crime-fighter.

“It’s action packed,” said Peter Girardi, SVP for WB Animation. “Crafting Vixen in this medium allows our action sequences to be vast — we’ll actually to be able to see how a character will be able to deal with these things as they are actually happening.” Energizing fans anticipation for an upcoming new fall season that includes a return to Starling City, a visit to Central City from a famous face from Keystone City, and the recent announcement that magic is alive, Vixen will be a welcome addition for fans.

The character was warmly received when she appeared as part of the team of the animated Justice League Unlimited and proved her mettle as a full-fledge Justice League surviving several reboots and major-crisis events. Vixen has also turned up in the current DCU continuity and we’re sure we haven’t seen the last of her. Don’t miss the premiere of Vixen — her online adventures will be accessible on The CW Seed (cwseed.com) or use the app!

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