Jared Leto Shaves Goodbye To The Joker

by Roemello Mckay
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Jared Leto’s hair seems to be quite the “buzz” ever since he dyed it green for his role in Suicide Squad as The Joker. Though, unfortunately his hair has taken more of a literal buzz recently.

The actor posted a photo via Instagram that documents the cutting of his green hair, now that Suicide Squad has officially finished filming in Toronto.


Check out the photo below:

Jared Leto's hair

View the photo on Instagram.

Truly a tragedy to see such a beautiful hairstyle go to waste, but fret not, fans. The actor will likely grow it back when the time comes for him to portray the clown prince of crime again in possible future films.

But until then, be sure to look out for Suicide Squad in theaters next summer!

Source(s): IGN

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