Vertigo’s Survivors’ Club

by Brandon Richardson
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Do you have a love for the horror films? Survivors’ Club is the comic book series for you.  Vertigo has created a comic based on the horror films from the 80’s that take on a new life after the horrors that they survived. It is being co-written by the novelist and Fables universe Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen.

It is set to be one of twelve new series that Vertigo is releasing this fall and in an interview with Dale and Lauren they have been gracious enough to spill the beans on what we can expect. Dale starts by giving us the foundation of the comic stating,

For many, the ‘80s along with the ‘70s was a golden era for horror films. A lot of those films from then are deeply ingrained in pop culture. We all know the story of The Exorcist, A Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th and so on. They have almost become our generation’s fairy tales. We draw a lot on that mythology in Survivors’ Club, but we take it in unexpected directions.

He goes on to explain that the idea for the Survivors’ Club spawned from the curiosity of what happened to all those children we have seen in the horror films that make it out alive. In the interview with Newsarama, Lauren gives us the background  and explains that

Chenzira is convinced that the killer video game she played as a kid is back and that it might hold the clue to what happened to all of them as kids.

Dale gives us some current view on her life as a college professor who teaches a course on video games through her experience in 1987, which has become her obsession. Of course Lauren and Dale don’t stop with just the one carrot to dangle in front of us, they also bring up Simon, Alice, Kiri, Teo, and Harvey. All of which have been drawn to Los Angeles where Chenzira has united them and told them that they are the only survivors from the terrors of their childhood. So it sounds like it will be a gore infested comic with mystery and suspense that I am completely looking forward to diving into. If you want to read the full interview click on the source link below. Otherwise enjoy these few character sketches from the artist Ryan Kelly from Survivors’ Club.

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