Omega Men To Continue, At Least Until Issue #12 Says Jim Lee

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee has announced the fan-favorite newcomer series Omega Men will continue despite the cancellation announcement, albeit for a limited number of issues.

Earlier this week, along with other DC Comics titles, Omega Men was announced to be cancelled, ending the run in December with issue #7.

However, because of the fans’ reaction to the cancellation announcement, Jim Lee announced the series was technically uncancelled and will continue for a limited number of months.

“In talking to Dan DiDidio, we’ll continue ‘Omega Men’ until [at] least issue #12 because of the fans” Lee stated.

Later, DiDio responded to Lee’s tweet,

DC Comics then responded by sharing a new page of the series.

Unfortunately for the other series set to be cancelled, their runs are ending soon enough,  with Lobo, Justice League United and Gotham By Midnight slated to end in December, and Doomed set to end its run in November.

What do you think of DC’s move with Omega Men’s continuation? Would you enlist yourself with the Omega army and save the series to continue further?

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