Legends of Tomorrow—New Character Revealed!

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is in production and will air on The CW. News on a certain DC Comics superhero has been revealed by one of the producers Marc Guggenheim from the behind-the-scenes production. Marc tweeted a picture from his twitter account of a sign indicating filming area preparation. ‘Waverider Films’ is on the sign.

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Waverider is a superhero that was created for Armageddon 2001 by Dan Jurgens and Archie Goodwin. Matthew Ryder is a human scientist who is also the superhero Waiverider who travels back in time and is a member of the Linear Men. Other members are Liri Lee and Rip Hunter who also form DC Comics Time Masters group.

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In the comics, Rip Hunter is part of the Time Masters and Linear Men but in different times of his life. In Legends
of Tomorrow,
Arthur Darvill will play Rip Hunter will assemble the group the Time Masters in the show.

“During an interview at Comic-Con, Legends of Tomorrow producer Phil Klemmer told ComicBook.com that Rip Hunter and the other Time Masters won’t always see eye to eye.”

Legends of Tomorrow — Time Masters: Vanishing Point is said to be inspired by one of DC Comics miniseries and will have a subplot of Waverider’s powers trying to be stolen by a super villain.

DCs Legends of Tomorrow is scheduled to air on The CW in 2016.

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