Wonder Woman ’77 #12 – Preview

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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DC Comics has released the official preview for the 12th chapter of the digital first series Wonder Woman ’77.

Series Synopsis

Following in the vein of BATMAN ’66, this digital-first series continues the adventures of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman television series!

Issue Solicit Synopsis

It’s a Mexican standoff with Wonder Woman, Celsia, and the Atomic Knights! Where did the Atomic Knights come from, and why is Celsia after the senator? Find out in this conclusion of “Celsia 451,” part 3 of 3: “Meltdown”!

Take a look at the preview below.


  • Written by Marc Andreyko
  • Pencils by Cat Staggs
  • Inks by Cat Staggs

Wonder Woman ’77 #12 is available now at DC Entertainment.

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