Review: Superman #44

by Steven Brown
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So I just finished reading Superman #44 written Gene Yeun Lang and drawn by John Romita and I must say it does not disappoint. This particular story is part 4 of the “Truth” story line where we find Superman’s secret identity exposed. I definitely won’t say who does it, but it’s a surprise and unseen twist. However part 4 titled “Lies” shows the ramifications of the exposed identity and not just to Clark, but most importantly his friends and coworkers.


The Positives

Right from the beginning we see Kent attempting something ordinary as walking down the street, when he’s suddenly attacked by the Royal Flush Gang. Taking down the evil group in regular clothes the police show up to arrest the criminals when suddenly there are reports of a hostage situation at the Daily Planet. Knowing that his coworkers are in danger because of him Superman, still out of uniform takes on LiveWire, Killer Croc, Atomic Skull and more to save his friends, among them Perry White. In the ensuing battle Perry is wounded and taken to the hospital. Once there he has harsh words for Clark asking him how could he not expect something like this to happen. As Clark stares at him with his glasses on, it’s Perry who smacks them off his face which to me was perfect symbolism–the glasses aren’t necessary anymore.

The Negatives

Although I admit at first I was dead against Kent having his identity exposed I must say I love how it’s playing out. Superman #44 shows what happens when heroes are left without one of the most important shields in comics…the secret identity. And with someone as powerful as Superman its interesting to see what happens after the exposure. I think this issue focused more on the aftermath of his friends dealing with his identity exposure than him. Perry feels betrayed and lied to, a coworker who barely knows Clark is caught up in his fight at the Planet and the end result is Superman appearing on camera warning the world to stay away from his friends or face serious consequences.

The Verdict


Yang impresses with his writing which makes you feel Clark’s struggle from adapting from being Superman almost all the time. while showing that being friends or even an associate of a super hero can have consequences. Will we see Superman maybe assume another identity? Will he become a 24 hour a day Superman? Yes, I’m definitely asking these questions and after reading Superman #44 you will too!!


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