Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Who Would Win, Batman or Superman?

by Kaeleigh Evans
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In the newest episode of his webseries Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Everything, Tyson weighs in on the question that is as old as comics themselves: who would win in a fight between Batman versus Superman?

Tyson states, “”I don’t think anyone who would put Superman and Batman in a cage match would possibly think Batman has a chance”. And goes on to add that, “we all know, of course, that Batman is human, and Superman is Superman” and that “Superman would wipe his butt with Batman”.

Tyson also argues that a better match up would be Batman vs. Marvel’s Iron Man as they “are two humans, who by technology and science, have created ways to fight crime”. Tyson does, however, give that to Iron Man too,citing that because Iron Man creates all his own gear and that Batman has engineers he would pick Iron Man to win in a fight between them.

It’s okay though, Batman. Tyson said that, although in a cage-match type setting Superman would reign victorious there is one situation that the Dark Knight could potentially triumph over the Man of Steel. “The court of public opinion perhaps. Forces that are not how big are your muscles, or how fast you can run or how high you can fly but who do you want working for you, it’s a different issue”. Batman’s hyper-popularity in the pop-culture realm could be a testament to that idea.
Maybe Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will provide more insight on this issue, in theatres March 2016

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