Review: Justice League United #14

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

In this issue, the Justice League United has been separated and each member has to deal with different soldiers in different wars.


The book begins with Steel and Robotman trying to secure Stargirl’s staff before being shot out of the sky. Then, Batgirl rescues Vandal Savage from World War II soldiers while Stargirl befriends a German solider. During this, Steel and Robotman are in a battle against the Creature Commandos. The issue ends with Steel and Robotman being confronted by the One-Machine Attack Construct.


The cover is great. While it might be better to feature other members of the team, Batgirl and Stargirl are two of my favorite characters so I am perfectly happy with them being the only characters on the cover. It just looks great.

It is a good idea to separate the team at this point. The concept of a Convergence-style event with various wars is interesting and tragic and splitting the team allows the writers to feature several wars at once. It also raises the stakes; I have no idea how the team is going to get out of this.

Batgirl and Vandal Savage teaming up is kind of funny. I don’t know; they are just such a mismatched pair. It is also funny considering she is going up against him in the current Batman/Superman storyline.


I have no idea who the Creature Commandos or the One-Machine Attack Construct are. They look cool but no backstory is given to them. I assume they are DC characters since the book uses full page spreads to reveal them but no context is given for them. They look cool and that’s about it.


This is a good issue. It raises the stakes as well as taking advantage of the story’s premise to a satisfying degree. I definitely recommend reading this issue as well as the previous one since it is part one of the story.



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