Review: The Flash Season 2 Episode 3 “Family of Rogues”

by Steven Brown
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So I spent my Tuesday night watching episode 3 of The Flash titled “Family of Rogues” and I was not disappointed. In this episode we find a father and son team up of sorts between Captain Cold and his father Lewis Snart, who Cisco names Colonel Cold. However when Captain Cold’s sister Golden Glider goes to Barry for help, we find out all is not what it seems with this team up of father and son. Barry is forced to save the life of not only Golden Glider, but also to save Captain Cold from his own father.


The Positives

Where do I even begin? The show was great and the casting choice of Michael Ironside as Lewis Snart was an excellent choice. I’ve been a fan of Ironside since Arnold’s Total Recall in the 80’s. The way he and Wentmorth Miller deal with each other was wonderful. You can tell there is contempt between Lewis Snart and his son Leonard and Miller and Ironside showcase it well. Lewis Snart comes off as cold and calculating as his son however the main difference is that Lewis doesn’t mind taking a life to achieve his goals–and that is where he and Leonard vastly differ. Also I loved seeing Lisa Snart a.k.a Golden Glider again. The chemistry between her and Cisco is great, and although I thought last season she was simply playing with his emotions, this episode she comes off as actually caring about Cisco. It makes you wonder if maybe they will one day be together and the writers do a great job of making you think its possible in this episode. We also see an evolution of Captain Cold in this episode. Although he’s a villain, Barry and Snart have a relationship that no one in Barry’s rogues gallery has and this episode shows it perfectly. Cold is a bad guy yes, but as Barry points out–there is some good in there too, because Snart will do anything to protect the people he loves–which is basically his sister.

The Negatives

I wanted more Michael Ironside!!! I understand that the ending was supposed to make us understand Captain Cold’s demeanor more but I feel the writers got rid of Ironside too soon. Hopefully he’ll return later in the season, but with the ending they gave us I doubt it. It’s like getting a whole chocolate cake to yourself, and as soon as you start eating they take the cake away!!! I was literally yelling at my tv at the end of the episode cause I figured Ironside won’t be seen again–but like I said in my previous reviews of The Flash, I trust what the writers have done so far. Am I angry about Colonel Cold being gone? Yes!!! But I’m still not getting out the car–let’s see where they go with this for the character development of Captain Cold.


The Verdict

I thought this episode was too cool ( yea I know its corny but I had to put a cold joke in somewhere) and I loved how we see the relationship between Barry and Leonard Snart evolve. It’s obvious that Captain Cold will become a hero but his path isn’t as clear as Barry or even Oliver’s was. And honestly that’s what I love about it. This episode shows us what exactly motivates Captain Cold, how his relationship with his father made him who he was, and even better it shows you his potential to one day be a hero. Am I angry about Michael Ironside being gone still today? Yes!!! But it only shows you how good the writing is when you like a character after only 40 mins of watching him. Very impressed writers…angry but impressed!!!


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