Geoff Johns Announces Aquaman Rise Of The Seven Seas Is On Its Way

by Kaeleigh Evans
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Legendary DC writer and Chief Creative Officer took to Twitter today to announce that the Aquaman story Rise of the Seven Seas is indeed on its way! The storyline was teased at the end of Johns’ Aquaman run as an upcoming Justice League event. According to Johns Ivan Reis and Joe Prado were at work on the story, stating “The team is back…”

Johns  previously stated ““It warrants Aquaman getting help from the Justice League. It’s too big for him to handle alone, so the seven seas, the seven members of the Justice League — it’s all going to be a nice, big story”. If this is still the case the timing of the announcement in relation to current Aquaman writer Cullen Bunn’s departure is completely coincidental.

Any predictions of what may be in store for this highly anticipated storyline??

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