DCN Exclusive – ‘Constantine’ Returns?

by Roy Ranous

If you’ve been waiting for the big break in Constantine news, this might just be it.

For months die-hard fans of the 1-season series have been clamoring for more of The Hellblazer. They have written letters, taken to social media, and are even to this day petitioning multiple networks and streaming services to find Constantine a new place to call home. The first and obvious choice was The CW, mainly because of the smashing successes of The Flash and Arrow. CW turned down the show, however, as it would have had a too high a budget for them to risk taking on a show that was already cancelled once. Then again, we all remember Futurama and how many times THAT show got cancelled.

Netflix hasn’t shown any interest (they may be too busy with their Marvel series and don’t want to upset the balance by causing a conflict of interest with competing companies), and other networks and services have remained mum.

All except for one: TVtibi. A relative newcomer to the streaming service market, TVtibi aims to provide customers with a choice for their television viewing habits without forcing them to subscribe to cable packages that include dozens of channels they don’t watch.

An anonymous source close to the Change.org petition to revive the fallen show has told DC Comics News that TVtibi’s interest in reviving the show has a lot to do with the attention the petition has gotten. The source claims that the popularity of the petition, MONTHS after the show’s cancellation, is what drew them to the project. As of press time, the petition is just a few hundred signatures away from 75,000. TVtibi sees the petition as fuel for their fire, to show Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment that there is still a viable audience for Constantine.

Also according to this source, TVtibi is in talks with Warner Bros. now to acquire the rights, and want to show The CW that the show is viable for crossovers into the Berlanti-verse. But they can’t do it alone. In order to be successful in their bid for the show, they are also searching for a co-producer. If CW wouldn’t take the show because of the cost, this startup has a long uphill battle. But they don’t plan to fight it alone. They are hopeful, though, because having the chance to produce such a high-profile series exclusively on their streaming service would make them a viable contender in the streaming television market.

While a Constantine show might still be a ways off, we now have hope that the show will once again entertain millions of loyal fans.

We have reached out to TVtibi for official comment, but here’s an announcement from their Facebook page:

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