Review: New Suicide Squad #15

…if you can’t have fun doing something, why even do it?

This review contains spoilers.

New Suicide Squad #15 is written by Sean Ryan with art by Philippe Briones. In this issue, the Suicide Squad goes to Dallas to discover what Vic Sage is up to.


The issue begins with Waller, Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Parasite heading to Dallas since Sage has been dealing with Calvary Corporation and the headquarters are in Dallas. Harley and Boomerang break in to cause a distraction and find a cure for Parasite since his powers aren’t working. Meanwhile, Waller and Deadshot interrogate the C.E.O., Miss Pesta. She reveals that they intended to dismantle the Suicide Squad since they have interfered in previous dealings. They made a deal with Sage that would put all of the blame on Black Manta. However, Pesta offers Waller evidence that will get rid of Sage but not affect Calvary Corporation at all. Waller agrees to this deal. The issue ends with the revelation that Black Manta has escaped.


I really like where Harley is at right now as a character. Ryan isn’t trying to make her seem noble; she’s just bored. All of the killing has become monotonous to her and she wants to be done. Boomerang has to reference the Joker as an insult in order to get her fired up. It’s interesting.

I like the idea that the Suicide Squad has a big bad in industry. Society has changed and people don’t trust the government. An idea like the Suicide Squad is outdated and would never be okay with people. However, we do accept corporation and big business. They very much run our country right now which scares Waller. The balance of power isn’t in her favor anymore. It’s pretty interesting social commentary that doesn’t feel forced.


The issue isn’t all that exciting. We don’t really learn that much that wasn’t already known and the Suicide Squad doesn’t get to do much. Parasite lays on the floor dying for 98 percent of the issue and Deadshot just stands behind Waller trying to look menacing while Harley and Boomerang take on generic thugs. Waller gets to do most of the work with the interrogation and I still don’t like that as much. I would much rather see the Suicide Squad with Waller behind the scenes but I understand that they are trying to do something different here. It just isn’t very fun.


This is an okay issue. There’s some interesting social commentary and I like the character development with Harley but much of the issue is fairly dull. And if you’re looking for the Suicide Squad, they don’t do much in this issue. Most of it is Waller interrogating Pesta. It works but it’s not the most exciting read.



Sean Blumenshine

I am currently a senior at Wichita State University studying communications. I started reading comics in 2013 because of how much I loved Man of Steel and season one of Arrow. My favorite hero is the Green Arrow and my favorite villain is the Joker.