Vertigo Set To Release Suiciders: Kings Of HelL.A.

by Brandon Richardson
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Hey everyone! Are you guys finding that Vertigo is becoming a strong contender for your second favorite publisher? Well if not here is just one more reason for them to become your new number two. The amazing minds and talents at Vertigo have a new mini series that is coming out in stores on March 30th, 2016. It is written by Lee Bermejo and artwork is done by Alessandro Vitti with coloring done by Jordan Boyd.

The premise behind it is that a whole generation has grown up since the Great Quake, and people like Trix and her brother Johnny don’t know what life was like before New Angeles crumbled. Suffice to say, they’ve learned how to make the most of living inside the collapsed city, and particularly within their ’hood. Johnny is the leader of the Kings of HelL.A., a street gang ready to protect its turf against any and all comers—though Johnny may have taken things too far when he crossed Leonard, a former Suicider known as the Coyote. Things are about to get a whole lot more violent. Meanwhile, Trix is finding love in the arms of Johnny’s best friend, and their star-crossed romance is going to bring trouble of an entirely different kind. It takes place 15 years before the first storyline.

The second arc takes place 15 years before the first story line, closer towards the moment of the earthquake, and delves into the wall being built and how the people of an already broken city deal with the powers that be trying to split what’s left into two. I’ll also explore the post disaster generation of youth and how they try to live and secure a future in a place that tries to eat you…sometimes quite literally. Expect cannibalism, gang warfare, revenge, and a love story all wrapped up in an L.A. noir with some fresh new characters and a few familiar faces.

Is what Lee Bermejo had to say about this comic. As well as what better compliment could you get than to have your artist not only be the perfect fit for the story but also be your neighbor – as it is with Alessandro Vitti with Lee.

I needed an artist that could capture not only the grit and texture of the book but also someone who could mix great action with deft character work and I found that in Alessandro. He’s delivering all of that and more, bringing his own sense of atmosphere and attention to detail that I can’t wait for people to see.

Comment and let us know what you think. Also don’t forget to pick it up in stores and download on March 30th, 2016 for $3.99.


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