Batman: Arkham Knight – ‘Season of Infamy’ DLC and an All-New Batman Skin Coming Your Way

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Rocksteady’s Arkham Insider finale gives us a look at the latest DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight and an all-new Batman skin.

Designer Johnny Armstrong and environment artist James Catterson get deep into the Season of Infamy. The staff gives us a first look at the Shadow War section (designed by Johnny Armstrong) of Season of Infamy, which involves Batman investigating current sightings of the League of Assassins. Shadow War comes with a surprise: the return of the Arkham Asylum Batmobile as a playable vehicle in this DLC.

In the final Arkham Insider of 2015, get all the info you need to prepare for the Season of Infamy, coming on December 22. We also give you an exclusive first look at the 2008 Movie Batman Skin, and the story of how it was made from our Game Director, Sefton Hill.

The DLC implements new mechanics as the ninjas fighting Batman demonstrate movements unique to their fighting style.

The Mad Hatter and Mr. Freeze are also featured in this Season of Infamy – the name just fits perfectly with the plethora of villains to battle Batman.

With Killer Croc the designers showed how his conditioned has worsened since the Arkham Asylum era, which works both design-wise and story-wise, showing their commitment to keep moving forward. Killer Croc has become stronger, faster and deadlier.

Batman suit from The Dark Knight film

The GCPD gets an expansion, including even a new interview room, which is featured in the Mad Hatter portion of the story.

Finally, Sefton Hill introduces the latest Batman skin, based on 2008’s The Dark Knight Batman suit, which for the record looks exactly as in the film, and fits perfectly with the neo-realism the Arkham games have demonstrated so far.

What do you think of the Season of Infamy DLC? Thoughts on the Dark Knight-based Batman skin?

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