Review: DC Bombshells #7

by Paul DePaola
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There are problems at home as well as abroad, but the Batgirls are keeping watch over Gotham City while the troops are fighting overseas.  Corrupt officials are selling kids into an orphanage that is actually a sweat shop for them to build war machines.  They will need to add more members if they want to save the day.

The Positive

Bombshells 7 3In the previous issue, it bothered me how much the issue jumped around, never seeming to spend enough time on one story.  Here we get a whole issue devoted to a single story and it helps to keep the issue focused.

The Batgirls make a great team and I love seeing some much of the Bat family being showcased.  They work well together and have great banter in their fights.  There is a large cast of characters but by the end of the book, each one does stand out on their own.

Even though the story involves robot Nazi’s it still ends up being a personal story and has a good message that applies just as easily to World War 2 as it does to today.

The Negative

The story moves quickly from saving the kids on the street, to recruiting more members, to infilitrating the orphanage and stopping the villain.  It might just be that I want to spend more time with these characters, but I would’ve liked to have seen this stretched out a bit more.

Since we don’t get very much time with each character, and the cast quickly grows, it was a little hard to keep up with who each character was.  This might just be me wanting to obsessively match up each character with their main continuity counterparts.

Bombshells 7 2

The Verdict

I’m glad to see a single storyline in this issue as opposed to the jumping around from last month.  Bombshells continues to be a good book balancing the heart and the action.  The book has a message but it delivers in such a way that you don’t feel like the book is preaching to you, and it fits within the context of the story.


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