Review: Justice League #47

by Max Eber
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Jason Fabok tag teams back in with Geoff Johns on Justice League #47

The deified Superman and Wonder Woman face off, Diana using her lasso to make Superman remember who he is deep down: Clark Kent. Meanwhile Hal Jordan meets with Batman and warns him about what the chair is doing to him. Both teleport just in time to see a Clarkwith his regained senses but it’s said it won’t be for long, as the energy he consumed on Apokolips is essentially killing him too.

Jessica Cruz, Cyborg, Mister Miracle and Big Barda infiltrate Belle Reve to get to a heavily pregnant Ultrawoman and a depowered Justice League (2011-) 047-009Ultraman. While there Jessica’s Ring gets impatient and takes over, declaring Volthoom is in charge now. Cyborg tries to override the ring but (for the second time?) Grid is uploaded to his body.

Grail, now deified herself, essentially the new Darkseid, declares she must have Steve Trevor, Mobius “hatches” from the “egg” of shadows that had surrounded the Anti-Monitor. Owlman appears at Belle Reve telling the  newly re-formed (in a way) Crime Syndicate that they’ll need to work together with the Justice League if they are the survive the former Anti-Monitor.


I can’t fault Johns for his constant twists and “uh oh” reveals. It’s all melodramatic and not terribly new stuff but things just don’t end or lag,  its constant energy so he continues to do reasonably well  story wise. Mister Miracle delivering, so proudly the punchline that he took care of everything accept fJustice League (2011-) 047-022or the guards which his wife was distracting was perfect. Everyone involved surrounding Power Ring has been extremely dumb. No one should have let Jessica use it.


After the glorious treat that was Manapul on art with his ode to Kirby, Fabok, while weighty in his designs, which I always appreciate, is sort of a step down. He’s good but it’s very “classic” in the Jim Lee pedigree and that means a slight more stiffness. His Ultrawoman not even allowed a change of clothing and growing heavily pregnant in her tight uniform makes no sense. I understand “no touch” probably concerning her powers but she could have been in a prison smock or gown at the least. It’s still competent art though.


The story continues to be outrageous and I’m loving every minute of Mister Miracle and Big Barda. Excited to see where it goes.



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