Review: Titans Hunt #3 “Friends Like These”

by Steven Brown
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As the Titans struggle to regain their lost memories conflict comes into the fold. While trying to uncover answers on a beach, Dick Grayson is attacked by Aqualad who’s also looking for answers. As Dick tries to survive the super strength and fighting skills of Aqualad, things get worse when Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl enters the fray. Can these heroes figure who what’s happening before it’s too late? Can the Titans have their memories restored at all?


The Positives

“Friends Like These” the third issue in the Titans Hunt series is easily the best issue I’ve read so far. Written by Dan Abnett and penciled by Geraldo Borges, Jack Herbert, and Paulo Siqueira this issue has everything I personally want to see in my comics–plenty of action, plenty of conflict, and even minor jokes between the Titans themselves. I laughed too hard when Dick introduced himself to Donna–“My name is Dick.” Her reply is simple–“That is most unfortunate.” Dan really took liberty with the interaction between characters and it shows. I don’t wanna put too much pressure on Dan Abnett but this issue was some of his best writing so far. Combined with the artists attention too detail throughout the book and I can promise you it’ll be a favorite for you in the series so far.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this issue is where is Kid Flash? So far the rest of the Titans are accounted for–albeit they don’t have their memories. Donna, Aqualad, and Dick are figuring out answers. Roy is busted out of jail by Gnaark, and Lilith is slowly figuring things don’t seem right on her own, but it seems that Kid Flash is unaccounted for. Although I didn’t notice until the very end of the issue, I’m thinking it’ll be addressed when the team gets their memories back. Kid Flash along with Robin are my favorite Titans, but I gotta admit after seeing Donna Troy shine this issue–she might have a new fan.

Titans Hunt3

The Verdict

I thought Titans Hunt #3 was a great issue. It takes things up a notch and gives us plenty of action, great dialogue between characters and the penciling was an awesome effort. I’m actually eager to see where the story goes and what happens with the Titans next. As I stated before, I’m really missing Kid Flash here but that’s because the interaction between the characters is so good, it makes you wonder where exactly he is. Hopefully this will be addressed next issue–but definitely pick up Titans Hunt #3–its worth your money.


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