It’s The Ultimate Score for Captain Cold and Heatwave in an All-New DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Promo

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow shared in their official Facebook page, an all-new promo for the show, hosted by Wentworth Miller himself.

The promo features the fan-favorite villains Heatwave and Captain Cold as Cold himself is convincing Heatwave that joining Rip Hunter’s team is everything they have been waiting for.

Take a look at the promo below.

Captain Cold is in for the ultimate score when ‪‎DCLegends‬ premieres in just 5 DAYS on The CW!

Thieves will be thieves right?

What do you think of Snart’s motivations to join the team?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio is a comic book artist-in process, writer and a huge fan of everything related to DC Comics. He would like to become the next Batman, however he lacks the billions to do so....oh and the ninja training too